The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning


The goal of ecological planning and design is to create human habitat that is ecologically integrated, reflects local natural assets and community values, and enhances social, economic and ecological well-being.

The Center for Ecological Planning and Design’s mission is to draw on multiple disciplines to understand and shape our environment by interweaving research and practice in human, biophysical, and built systems – people, place and design. By integrating planning and design processes with research, we seek to build in parallel both places and knowledge. In so doing, we strive to create communities that are adaptive to place, socially and ecologically just, and have high quality of life.

The provisional Ecological Planning Center was founded in 2011 with a gift to the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning by the Swaner family. As of July 1, 2017, the Center has taken full status changing its name to the Center for Ecological Planning and Design. The Center for Ecological Planning and Design builds on the fusion of the provisional Ecological Planning Center and the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center — both in the College of Architecture + Planning — in a new partnership with the Global Change and Sustainability Center.

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Please direct inquiries to Dr. Sarah Hinners, Director of the CEPD.