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Mondays at noon

Do you want to be EPIC? Come join the Center for Ecological Planning and Design (CEPD) for a weekly discussion group on all things related to Ecological Planning in Cities (EPIC). The CEPD is a campus-wide interdisciplinary center affiliated with the Global Change and Sustainability Center and the College of Architecture + Planning that aims to provide a hub for thinking and research on the built environment and communities. Meetings will be based on the themes of nature in cities, cities as complex adaptive systems, and the processes of transdisciplinary knowledge and community engagement. Frequent guest speakers and field trips will help us better understand the complexities of human settlements through diverse lenses provided by the sciences, social sciences, engineering, design fields, and humanities. All students and faculty are invited to attend.

Jan 14th ARCH Bailey Gallery. Guest speaker Jeff Rose will speak about how people use public open space in SLC, including recreation and homelessness.

Jan 28th The Den, Olpin Student Union, 1st floor. Guest speaker Divya Chandrasekhar, CMP faculty, will speak about disaster recovery planning and resilience.

Feb 11th The Den, Olpin Student Union, 1st floor. Guest speaker Danya Rumore, CMP and EDRP faculty, will speak about collaborative planning in the contexts of environmental change.

Feb 25th The Den, Olpin Student Union, 1st floor. Guest speaker Amanda Smith, Mechanical Engineering faculty, will speak about alternative building and site-level energy systems.

Mar 18th The Den, Olpin Student Union, 1st floor. Stephen Goldsmith, CMP faculty, will talk about the epidemiology of the automobile and its relationship to life and ecosystems.

Apr 8th ARCH Bailey Gallery. Guest speaker Julia Corbett, Communication and Environmental Humanities faculty, will speak about science, environmental communication, and human-nature relationships.

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