The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

J. Willard Marriott Library Room 1140

Every other Wednesday 1-2pm

Join the Center for Ecological Planning and Design (CEPD) for a bi-weekly discussion group. The CEPD is a campus-wide interdisciplinary center affiliated with the Global Change and Sustainability Center and the College of Architecture + Planning that aims to provide a hub for thinking and research on the built environment and communities. Discussions will be based around readings, videos, etc. that help us better understand the complexities of human settlements through diverse lenses provided by the sciences, social sciences, engineering, design fields, and humanities. All students and faculty are invited to attend.

Discussion Topics:

September 6th: TED Talks with Geoffrey West: The surprising math of cities and corporations

September 20th: Luis M. A. Bettencourt: The Origins of Scaling in Cities

October 4th: M Schläpfer, J Lee, L Bettencourt: Urban Skylines: building heights and shapes as measures of city size

October 18th: Gober et al. 2010, Using Watered Landscapes to Manipulate Urban Heat Island Effects- How Much Water Will It Take to Cool Phoenix

November 1st: Vanessa R. Levesque, Kathleen P. Bell, Aram J. K. Calhoun: Planning for Sustainability in Small Municipalities: The Influence of Interest Groups, Growth Patterns, and Institutional Characteristics

November 15th: Ariane Middela, Kathrin Häbb, Anthony J. Brazelc, Chris A. Martind, Subhrajit Guhathakurtae: Impact of urban form and design on mid-afternoon microclimate in Phoenix Local Climate Zones

November 29th: TBD


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